Sunday, January 3, 2010

This year, I resolve...

I came up with this idea to make small resolutions throughout the year, not just one sweeping resolution that will only carry me through February (at best). My problem is I want to follow through with these resolutions, but I'm already at a loss as to where to start.
I would like to start blogging again. I ended when I left Korea because there wasn't too much to say for awhile. I moved to Louisiana by myself to find a teaching job while Grant stayed in Korea and then Alaska for the last three months. He came home in November and we've been just living our lives. We go to work, make dinner together and then go to sleep. There has been very little artistic inspiration in part due to my new job, but mostly because my sewing machine was en route until a couple weeks ago.
This month...i'm going slow here...I resolve to make something new and original with my sewing machine and I plan to blog minimum five times. Will that work? They're more goals than resolutions, but it's a start. It's what I need to be motivated for life outside the box, the box of ordinary I've seemed content with the last half of 2009.


  1. Hey!!!
    Email me!!
    we miss you guys!

  2. Just so you know ... January is waning. :-)