Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Promise to Post

Me and Tara with Jared, "The Subway Guy," after our team triathlon. I would like to say he came to cheer us on, but that would be lying now wouldn't it?! We did get photo-bombed though. Check out the guy in behind us.

The wave at the Korea vs. Saudi Arabia soccer game at the World Cup Stadium
Sorry about the lack of posting lately. I've been writing applications for teaching jobs to a place yet to be determined. Grant and I are going through the assignment process once again and are waiting once again to find out where we'll move. I decided to start applying for jobs even though we don't know where we'll be moving yet, but we have a hunch it's going to be...i'll let you know in a couple weeks! If we have to wait, so do you! Meanwhile, I've been trying to keep busy with friends here. Here are some pictures and videos of the last couple weeks.
P.S. I promise to post more! I will be leaving next Friday and want to photo-document some of Korea's daily happenings.

Pawky and I playing at home.

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  1. Did you have the subway guy sign your sports bra?