Thursday, May 28, 2009

Observations of Korea, Part One.

We found the "Dream Queen" outside of the aquarium in Busan. It's a complete hybrid of Dairy Queen and Baskin Robbins. It has the hard ice cream in the front and dipped cones and blizzards in the back, kind of like a mullet. Sweet! Literally! I mean it!

Six Rayers. We saw this outside of a Bennigans in Busan. It looks pretty dericious. Honestly, I'm not trying to make fun. In college, I took a Physics of Sound class and learned that most Asian languages (possibly all) don't have the sound "L." SO it makes perfect sense they would substitute an R for the L's. It makes me laugh, but not in a mean "you're so stupid" way. More like, "that's super awesome" type of hilarity.

Some abbreviations we've come up with in the past six months. Note: I will try to photo document each one of the following phenemona with the exception of the obvious. I cannot photograph wind that smells like shiz.

SHIND: shiz wind, hits the nostrils and makes you want to throw up a little. Example: "Man, the shind is really bad over there!"
K.R.R.: pronounced "K-Double R." "Korean Randomly Running." Every so often someone will bolt into a sprint. Witnessed daily.
K.I.S.C.: pronounced "KISS" the C is silent. "Korean in Sitting Car." Most Koreans have televisions mounted on their dashboards in their cars, so sometimes they sit in their cars and watch television. I'm not kidding. Other times a couple makes out or kisses. Sometimes they take naps or just sit and relax.
S.K.I.S.: pronounced "SKIS" doi! "Spitting Korean in Street." Many Koreans the street, usually preceded by the sound made when one "hawks a loogie."


  1. Haha, I can't wait for part two!

  2. AHH, so true, isn't this country that we live in GREAT!!??? Too funny!

  3. I couldn't have said it better myself! I'm putting a link on my blog to this post. :)

  4. Interesting stuff!! Just think when you come back home all the crazy comparisons you will have.....