Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Sorry about the lack of posting lately. Surprisingly enough, I've been busy lately. A friend I met before I left Korea the first time came back a couple weeks ago. We've been catching up/venting about Korea/laughing almost everyday.
Anyways, I thought I would share a couple videos from Tokyo. The first video is of the Shibuya crossing. If you've seen "Lost in Translation" this is where Scarlett Johansson crossed the street and there was a brontosaurus on the screen. Tokyo wasn't always this crowded. Mostly here, Harajuku (where the girls kind of dress up like Powerpuff Girls) and Chinatown in Yokahama where we saw a baseball game. It should be noted the word "Shibuya" is useful for more than just this intersection. Grant and I say: "That workout kicked the shibuya out of me." or "Get your shibuya in here!" or instead of saying, "Burn!" when someone gets burned we say, "Shibuya." Notice no exclamation point on the end of that one. It is intentional and very important.

This video is of the Yokohama Bay City baseball team's mascot: The Bear. They really had five mascots: people with star heads doing acrobatics around the park, a baseball with a huge tongue and this bear...or pig, we couldn't decide. Grant loved this bear and wanted to a) take it home with us, b) take a picture of us with it or c) film it dancing to "YMCA." He got his wish. The baseball game was pretty similar to what you would see in the states with a few exceptions. There were cheerleaders, as you can see in this video. The Yokohamites also didn't really like traditional baseball tunage like "Charge!" or "We will Rock You." Each time the stadium played those songs everyone would just sort of sit there (except me who was stomping and charging loudly), respectfully wait until the song was finished and then sing the same Japanese song over and over. Oh and there were hotdogs and rice crackers.
In conclusion, Tokyo was the shibuya.

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