Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Who Knew?

I've been feeling a little under the weather, so it's been nice to have some down time this week. Pawky and I walked to base yesterday (a good two miles or more) for some exercise. Then I went to wives coffee/farewell for our squadron commander's wife. I have to admit I will be sad when I leave too...despite all the complaining indicating otherwise. It's like summer camp here. The people Grant and I met will probably be lifelong friends. We've all been thrown into a country we didn't really want to visit with people we may not have otherwise become friends with, but here we are...The friendships are intensely close even though they are quickly made due to the brevity of our time here. One of the wives was crying last night and having a hard time putting into words how much the squadron wives mean to her, but we all got it. It's difficult here, but we get it. This weekend a large percentage of the squadron is going down to Busan, a beach community here in Korea to hang out. Who knew I would be excited to hang out with the squadron? I'm not the fighter pilot wife type, but I am realizing there is no type. We're all here together for varying reasons, but we all love our husbands and go through a lot...together. Being here has opened up my eyes to new people and overall made me a better person.


  1. I'm so glad to hear this. I know that you were dreading going back.

    I'm still going to send you something. I've been sucking it up with the mail lately. I didn't know that you were coming home so soon. Krissy and I were talking about that yesterday and then you are going to find out where you're going to be stationed. That's exciting too!

  2. Hey Sum, can't believe you are coming back so soon. I'm glad you've had some fun because it's not been an easy transition. Don't ever forget those friends. Your package should be leaving MN on Friday, May 22nd. Love You!