Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm the lucky girl...

Happy Anniversary!

It's mine and Grant's two year anniversary on Tuesday, May 5th. I know we haven't been married that long, but it's been a tough year. Moving to Korea when you don't want to is not for everyone. This year has only made us stronger. I tell Grant i'm the luckiest girl in the whole world to which he replies, "No, i'm the luckiest girl." Silly, but sincere. I embroidered a couple t-shirts for him with this saying so he'll remember how much I love him. Don't worry I won't make him wear the shirts out in the open. They're black because that's what he has to wear underneath his flight suit everyday, so the saying will be hidden, but will remain close to his heart. We're going traditional with our gifts. Second anniversary is cotton...when do will we get to diamonds?! We are also taking a vacation for our anniversary. Last year was camping at the Grand Canyon. This year is Tokyo, Japan. What a difference a year makes. Good or bad, we're both in it for the long haul.
P.S. The embroidery letters were drawn by hand. My "Sublime Stitching" letters wouldn't transfer on black clothes.


  1. You are so adorable. ADORABLE! I'd love to see more of your wedding pictures, I bet you two were just well, adorable.

  2. Nice work!! The T-shirts look great.
    [I just read on the sublime stitching site you can buy t-shirt stabilizer and iron on your transfers for dark clothes:]

    You guys should dedicate the song 'Lucky One' by Amy Grant to each other on KDWB.

  3. Love the wedding photo, and love the shirts! You will have to teach me how to embroider like that. Have fun in Tokyo! Hit up Laduree! :)

  4. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! (tomorrow :) Hope y'all are having fun in Tokyo! Can't wait to see you when you get back!

  5. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! Hope you're having fun in Tokyo! Can't wait to talk to you when you return! You and Grant deserve some time alone. Love ya Lots!