Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Closeup of Purse!

This is the latest purse I made for Lynne. If you want one yourself let me know! You can pick out the fabric yourself (which Lynne did while I was visiting her in Texas) or you can trust me to put some fabric together. It stands up on its own because I put a lining inside it.

This is the lining inside. It has three pockets, one for keys, one for pens and one for Lynne's Blackberry. Let me know what you think?
Any suggestions on how to make it even better?


  1. Nice! I really like the fabric - especially the lining. I think it looks like a perfect size bag. And the pockets are great.

  2. Sum, I love the purse, especially the pockets, very handy! You're a better seamstress than I ever was or could be. Keep yourself talking to your friends in Korea and over here. Love ya so...... much and miss you.

  3. I love it! I want to make one, too!!! It came out really great. See you tonight! :)

  4. You should make one of these with your new fabrics!!!!