Monday, April 6, 2009

You're Getting Warmer

I feel like a weight is lifting off our shoulders slowly, begrudgingly, but still lifting. Grant and I are settling into our lives here. We've been experimenting with recipes from a magazine called Clean Eating. We made "Shrimp and Potato Stew" last week and "Smothered Steak Sandwiches" yesterday. They're really healthy and surprisingly easy. I generally don't eat a lot of meat, but both of these dishes were really good. Grant usually follows the meal with Oreos and milk flushing out most of the nutrients he just consumed.
We also had a really great weekend. The exercise finally finished Friday night and I actually saw my husband. We laid low Friday, but on Saturday we were able to move around town a little easier. We went grocery shopping, picked up the mail and ate lunch with Grant's friend from the Academy. Sounds ridiculous, but it's so nice to be able to get out of the house and run errands! I went from being able to go wherever and whenever I wanted to being trapped in an apartment thousands of miles away from anything comfortable. Saturday night we went to a friends house from the squadron for steak and drinks. Around 2o people were there, so it turned into more of a party...well deserved after the week we all went through.
The weather is much nicer than it was even a week ago. The cherry blossoms are sprouting all over and these pretty yellow flowers decorate sidewalks and staircases indiscriminately. We made reservations to go to a temple on Grant's birthday where the cherry blossoms are supposed to blanket the sky. The Japanese invasion left many legacies, the cherry blossom trees the only one Koreans accept as the weather warms.

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