Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ships Passing in the Night

Dear Grant, I hope the flight tonight went well. I'm going to Yongsan with Anna and Brynn tomorrow. I will be up at 7:30 and gone by 8:15 to meet them by 9:00. I will be home at 4:00, so I will probably miss you. Tell me what your schedule is tomorrow please! I hope you get to work on your homework some. I love you! Summer P.S. Nicole didn't make it over tonight! Sad! P.P.S. There's tortellini leftover and some noodle salad. P.P.P.S. I put a load of towels in at 10 p.m. Change loads in the morning, clothes in basket are dirty.

Hey Summer, I have to go in at 1 p.m. Should be back by 1 a.m. Have fun with the ladies! Luz, G.

Fly safely! If you fly. I love you so much. Pawky's fed, no poop. Switch loads plz? P.S. Call and order dog food? S.

Love you! By the way, "setted" is not in the Scrabble dictionary. Rematch?

Hey Grant, Can you take Pawky out to pee one more time? I have to be at base by ten, but I hope to see you for a little bit. What time do you go to work. I love you! I miss you! Summer

I have to go in at 1:15 p.m. Wake me before you leave. Luz, G.

This is our only conversation for the past three days with the exception of twenty minutes this morning when I woke Grant up. I can't wait until this exercise is over!


  1. Hi Bean, I'm thinking about you lots!!!! I skyped until 8:00 p.m. our time the last two nights and it said offline, leave voicemail. I will try and skype tonight again, hopefully we can connect. Hang in there, it's almost over......Love you lots!!!

  2. Ugh, that stinks. You guys do write super cute notes though :)

  3. Haha, I know how this goes! Thank God nights are over. Sorry I couldn't make it over the other night. Raincheck? We need to work on our squares!

    P.S. Thanks for going to Happy Quilt with me! I love that place!!!

  4. ha ha. I was the one who told Grant that setted was not in the scrabble dictionary. :P